Monday, September 29, 2008

Flirty Apron Swap - 2

I volunteered to be an Apron Angel for Flirty Apron Swap. There were some women that had signed-up to create aprons for others but have been displaced due to hurricane's. I had such a blast sewing this apron. I even purchased a pattern for this one. Then - I borrowed the A is for Apron book from my library and found a very similar pattern in the book. (Must enlarge a bunch of those patterns. I'm sure I'm going to use one for my Hot Drinks for Hot Mama's Apron Swap!)

Anyway - below is a photo of the materials I used. Where do you think the dream vacation is (the apron swap theme was a place you wished you had gone on summer vacation)? I'll post a photo of the finished apron (and the location) once I know the package has been received.


Amy said...

So sweet of you to be an apron angel. I can't wait to see the finished apron!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Aye ya Dear Heart, says she :)
I'll not be getting any fun done with these huge pockets on this fine apron. LOL I lost my Irish brogue.. Hum strange says she that one could do that. I am of Irish decent :)
Thank you for being my Apron Angel.... I love my fun and exciting apron... I think its fantastic. Oh the little pot of gold was just too fun.. and right now I could surely use that worry stone. I have had a spot of bad luck this last week and a half.
Once again you were very very sweet to Angel for me. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Ps... the recipes look tasty too :)


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