Saturday, September 13, 2008

Locks of Love With a Twist

My one daughter seems to be obsessed with hair cutting. This time she didn't cut her own hair. She cut hair off of wigs and other dolls to give hair to dolls that didn't have any. It was her own version of Locks of Love. This was fine with me. It showed compassion. That was until I saw that she also cut some of her sister's hair as well. At least it wasn't her bangs again.


jillytacy said...

Too cute! Dolly Locks of Love!

Amy said...

Very sweet! My daughter cut the straps of her new shoes! At least I stopped she and one of her brothers before they nailed wood to her heels so she could have high heels! Kids are so creative!

Yarni Gras! said...

too funny! My sister cut her doll's hair off and left it on the stairs. My OTHER sister fell down the stairs because she thought the hair was a gigantic spider. Noone was hurt...except the doll....she missed her hair.


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