Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apron Advice Requested

Well, I finally finished my apron. Well, kind-of. I need to embellish it.

The Flirty Apron Swap this time around is for aprons of where you wished you had gone on vacation. My partner wanted to go on a vacation to the VT Teddy Bear factory. I think I have accomplished the bear aspect. This apron is supposed to be about embellishing the apron - but I don't want it to look too busy.

I bought a few red barn buttons (red barns are all over VT - plus - one is so large it looks like a covered bridge - definitely something you would see the Green Mountain State) and thought about sewing one onto each side. Then maybe include a towel to be hung from one button and maybe a removable pocket / potholder for the other?

Any suggestions? Comments? Advice for moms that stay up until one a.m. sewing aprons when their second child will be starting their first day of school in just mere hours and I should be ummm sleeping?


TerriW said...

This apron turned out great! I love the shape and the bias tape along the edges. I like your ideas for a place to hang a towel or a potholder, but I would probably just to one. Great job!

jillytacy said...

You did a great job! Personally I think the bias tape edging counts as an embellishment and I don't think you need anything more. If you still feel like you want to do more, what about a felt teddybear face pin that could be removed?

Amy said...

That is a cute apron! I like the ideas about the button to hang a towel or pot holder.
The pot holder wasn't that hard if your not semi-OCD. I don't know why I had so much trouble with the binding...could've been that I was up too late and my brain had given up.
I hate it when your sewing machine gets hungry and decideds to eat whatever your working on!


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