Thursday, September 25, 2008


I received my apron from my swap partner. One of my dream vacations was to go on a cruise to Alaska. She sent her great-aunt on a mission during her yearly Alaska visit to find fabric and a gift for me. The fabric is so pretty - and as my partner's son says - looks like turtles. And - she sewed this with a broken hand. Talk about a dedicated swapper! She sent me a fabulous pair of earrings that were made by a local Alaskan artisan and - the best part - a recipe for Moose Meatballs.

I laughed very hard when I read it because - I hit a moose. Actually, a bull moose hit my SUV last summer (he was fine - he got up and ran back into the woods). Ever since then I have been called Mommy the Moose Master (or - as my daughter says Mommy the Moose Masher!). So - Heather N. thank you so much!

AND - one of my swaps is ready to be mailed tomorrow. Lori - here's a sneak peek before I seal your box in tape...
I have two other things to do for two other swaps that will be done tonight - now that I have bias tape and that my oil burner is now working (thank you Simmons Plumbing & HVAC).

Back to sewing...


mysteryhistorymom said...

Beth!!! You stinker! The package looks SO fun, but I can't tell for sure what anything is... It's making me crazy! I am so excited!!:) Lori

Amy said...

What a cute apron! She was one dedicated swapper!!
Your fall swap stuff looks so great. Is that a pumpkin I spy in the corner? So cute!!


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