Monday, February 23, 2009

Thrift Pants

A few months ago I was at my local Salvation Army and picked up a pair of size 21 pants. They are corduroy and I thought - I'll try to make a new pair of pants out of them or a skirt. If that fails they will become fabric for dolls. Then, just about two weeks ago, I was in the Garment District in Cambridge, MA.

There is a section where all clothes are $1.50 / lb. In addition to finding a 100% silk Liz Claiborne shirt I found the SAME pants - just a different size. There were a 20. I bought them. I'm going to attempt to make a skirt. I'm just trying to figure out how to resize the waist. Oh - and upstairs was a 50% off sale on all merchandise. I found a Bob Mackie button-up sweater for $4.

I have taken the seam out of the legs of one pair of pants and am wondering - do I just baste up the side and see how it looks? Yeah - maybe that is what I'll do. That way, if I want it fuller I can cut up the second pair of pants and add it. Hope it turns out to something wearable!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not exactly


When sewing dolls heads - do not
(1) Use a saucer to trace the head
(2) Wait until after you have sewn the head to the body piece to trim the circle freehand
(3) Sew the heads together and think that you can 'clean it up' when attaching the hair

You cannot. (Okay - I cannot).

with hair

The purpose of the finished dolls will be explained at the end of this week...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Booty Bag - Done in time for V-Day

My polka-dot booty bag is done!

Not perfect, but hey - it doesn't have to be.

I adore the faux pearl handles but purchasing them was a trial. I frequent a JoAnn Fabric store just over the border in NH - because it is the closest type of store like that to my home. Every time I go to that store and buy something there is an 'issue'. Not with me - with the store.

All I have to start a conversation with is "Honey, I went to JoAnn's today..." and my husband knows I'm going to tell him about customers that insist items are on sale - "It must not be an advertised sale." or that they used to be able to use their sewing club guild discount AND a coupon. Well, this time was a doozey. The district manager was there so everyone was nervous. Then, the credit card system went down. I was third in line when this happened. Finally, when the cashier got to me I asked her only to ring up to - but not over $30 worth of merchandise since there was no way I was leaving my credit card info with her. She assured me the system was now working because of an icon that appeared on her screen. She was wrong. She then proceeded to subtract my 'non-essential' items off to get my total to under $30. Once at the car I checked my receipt and one of the items that should have been removed wasn't. I had to go back in and ask for the item back. A good 45 minutes of my life wasted yet once again in this particular store. So annoying!

But, now that my rant is over, I must say - I like the purse. I wish I hadn't put blue fabric as the loops for the handles but I'm not going to go back and change it now.

I'm looking forward to taking my pretty red bag out for Valentine's Day and not finding a unicorn in it. Enjoy! Beth

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Booty Bag

I picked up a super short XS skirt at the Salvation Army in Haverhill a few weeks ago. It screamed "make a purse out of me" to me. It cost me all of $2

I need to get handles for it this week to finish it and add a key holder clip inside - aside from that I think it is mostly done! Well, unless I also plan to add a zipper opening / closing on the top. That might require me to buy a zipper too. I thought I was going to do a snap but I have a purse with a snap closing I purchased in December and I'm not liking it. I think the zipper will keep my stuff safer and allow me to stuff my purse with more items that should not be in it (such as a pink unicorn - that is what I found in my purse today).

Skirt with the fabric I chose to line / create the pockets form. Was part of my stash.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Throw the switch!

Has anyone seen the Igor movie? I feel like Igor. I have body parts all over my sewing room.


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