Wednesday, September 3, 2008


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Sherry over at If I Could Set My Soul Free is having a month long blogiversary and birthday party. She is going to be doing a giveaway every week. She asked if those of us taking part in the celebration would mind answering a few questions on our blog – so – here I go:


What type of job do you have? Manager – I manage my house, kids, husband, etc.

Where do you live? Georgetown, MA; however, I was born and raised in New Jersey

Where do you do your crafts / art work? Sewing Room

What is your favorite daytime beverate? Coffee - then water.

What is your favorite dessert? A Reese's Pieces Sundae from Friendly's Restaurant

Do you watch soap opera's? I watch Project Runway religiously.

What's the last movie you saw in a movie theater? Space Chimps


Melinda Cornish said...

Oh man , I LOVe project runway too! Nice to meet you thru Sherry's party......Melinda

mysteryhistorymom said...

OH MY GOODNESS! WHen I was little I used to get Reese's Pieces Sundae's at Friendly's! They were my favorite!!! We don't have Friendly's here in Arkansas.:( Lori

Sherry said...

My kids were just talking about Friendly's Ice Cream the other day. MMMMmmm! I love ice cream and Ice Cream and Candy together is super yummy!!

Thanks for the "small talk"!

Anonymous said...

Hi! it's nice meeting you! I live in Arizona, and so I've never heard of Friendly's, but it sounds yummy!

Dawn said...

Hi there
Great party!! I love America;s Next Top Model.
Great to meet you!

Dianne said...

Nice to meet you Beth!
I like Project Runway too! They started a design shop that is similar last night too.


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