Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Days

Today was my little one's first day of preschool. Before this she had 18 months of an Early Intervention playgroup that was in a preschool-like setting one day a week. It ended when she turned three (eight months ago). She has been dying to go to school ever since. Today, she put on her backpack and demanded to stand at the bus stop with her sister to see her off for school in an outfit of her own design. Project Runway - look out for Lola!

During our orientation yesterday the teacher, whom my older daughter also had for preschool, told all the parents to make sure they say good-bye to their children on the playground before we entered the school to put their back pack away.

I walked Lola over to the playground this morning. She agreed to stand still for one picture. We turned the corner and she tore off through the gate into the playground. I stood there shouting "Good-Bye" very loudly and waving my arm up over my head enthusiastically. She didn't even look back. She couldn't have cared less if I was there. It made my heart so happy to see her leave and not look back.

At pick-up she was at the end of the line. Still dressed in the same dress and shoes she had gone to school in (I sent two changes of clothes and a spare pair of shoes to school - just in case of an accident).

The teacher looked at me and told me that during rest time Lola asked to go to the bathroom. She seemed to be taking awhile so the aide went to check on her (there is a bathroom in her classroom - I was expecting them to tell me she was naked or had fallen asleep in there but...). She wasn't there. They immediately rang the office and had them announce over the loudspeaker to the whole school "WE ARE LOOKING FOR LOLA." No last name. I guess one Lola is all they have. One of the other teachers found her. She was in the first grade wing. Seems she remembered there was a pink bathroom across from the cafeteria and that was the one she was determined to find and use.

All's well that ends well and I am crying and laughing at the same time because - she had a mission. She knew where the pink bathroom was and she found it on her first day of school. And, most importantly, she is fine.

For my oldest, on her first day of school I was in the principal's office and had a voice mail (as well as met) the new guidance person. Which, was an improvement over last year when the school bus didn't drop her off at the right school and no one told me. Lucy did on our drive over to gymnastics.

First days seem to be very exciting for my children.

I guarantee the staff is hoping I don't have any other children at home waiting to go through the school system.


jillytacy said...

Between the outfit and the search for the pink bathroom I had to giggle. It sounds like you have an independent girl! Hopefully the rest of the week is uneventful!

Amy said...

Love that story! Love the boots!


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