Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nectar of the Gods Purse

Nectar of the Gods Purse
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Nectar of the Gods = Coffee

Well, to me it does. The only mom I know that does not drink copious amounts of coffee to get her through her day is my sister. She prefers tea or hot chocolate.

I love my Gracie handbag but really needed it to be slightly different to hold my handy, dandy, brandy spanking new hardcover calendar. Calendar to be used by me to keep track which child is in which school and when, who has to be at the Y for classes and when, when my husband isn't traveling - so I can at least pretend to cook him dinner, and when I can fit in sewing for me. :)

I made the center panel of the outer fabric taller so it was the same height as the two outside panels. I made the inside pockets wider and a tad taller as well (I think). I used the only zipper in my stash that was the same length as the bag.

What I would do next time...add a pocket on the outside and add the interior key fob holder that I forgot to sew in.

Oh - and many thanks to my model who agreed to this photo shoot on the condition that her ring be prominent in the picture.

Coffee Cup fabric by Timeless Treasures
"Coffee Talk" by Hoffman California International
(not shown in this photo) Lining fabric: "Big Ticking" by michael miller


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