Thursday, October 2, 2008

The location of the secret rebel base

Well, not really. But, I will tell you the location of the vacation apron I created for Marcel over at Aunt Pitty Pat's.


I read Marcel's info to my mom. Marcel described herself as a short, round Granny and my mom said that was what she was. So - I had the perfect model for the apron (thanks mom!). And - my mom picked out the fabric. I took her with me (to multiple fabric shops while she was visiting) and asked her to find something that screamed Ireland. My mom said the cottages and landscape made her think of the Irish Countryside. Perhaps, where the little people lived.

I used a store bought pattern for this one. And - I must say - there are some things I'd change if I made it again. Like - the waistband.

What you can't tell about this apron from the picture is that the pockets are huge! Like - you could fit a few small dogs - or a lot of gold - in each one. I'm thinking about modifying the pattern to create kangaroo pouches for my daughters. They are constantly pretending to be different animals and like to carry dolls around in their skivvies. A pouch would do wonders for... Oh - I digress...Back to the apron...

To complete this vacation to Ireland package I sent some rainbow ric rac. And - what do we hope to find at the end of the rainbow? Gold of course. A very nice leprechaun included a pot of gold at the end of Marcel's rainbow as well as a worry stone from Ireland.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Beth- CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! Your partner is going to LOVE it! Cute additions too, like the pot of gold, rainbow, etc. You are so creative.:) Lori

Amy said...

Very cute! And clever too! Love the pockets holding a few small dogs--hilarious!

Shawnee said...

This is such a beautiful apron. I ADORE the cottage fabric!! Thank you for creating this.


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