Sunday, September 21, 2008


My husband and I are not big wine drinkers. About two years ago we purchased a kit. It is a cork board that you make from wine corks.

As you can see in the above photo - we obviously need to drink more.

Hey - look at that. van Duzer wine. And - that's our last name.

Apparently, part of the van Duzer clan is out west. There is a van Duzer Theatre in California, a van Duzer Corridor in Oregon and of course, the vineyard also in Oregon.

My husband's family history is very cool. One of his relatives started the Staten Island Ferry service (would take people from Staten Island to Manhattan - and charged a nickel). Another relative established Sarah Lawrence college.

Hmm - let's see - ummmm - nope. Nothing big happening on my side of the family tree. Really, how can I compete with a vineyard and a college?

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Amy said...

I love those cork boards! But we usually drink the really cheap wine so I'd never fill it up!
I love family tree info...except when you find out you're related to some crazy person!


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