Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simplicity 4076

Simplicity 4076 is a great pattern. This is the 4th shirt I have made with the scoop neck and gathering in the front.  There are only 5 pieces (two of them are the sleeves).  I couldn't find my directions but after sewing up four other shirts from a different pattern before this I was not afraid.  Well, not afraid of anything except the neck binding.  

I used the technique in this video from the Threads website and it came out better than the shirts I had the directions for.  The fact that the fabric cost $1.99 and the shirt was created in less than an hour makes it even better.

Wanda is modeling my shirt since my sewing room is 83 degrees (up in the attic / no air conditioning) and I can't even imagine how big my hair is or how red my face is and do not want to subject that image to any of you reading this blog.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 for the 4th

Since it is finally warm in New England I decided it was time to sew up some short sleeved shirts. 

For Christmas I bought myself some $1.99/yard knits from Fashion Mart Fabrics.  I bought one yard of five different knits. 


Four of them I sewed up into Jalie 2794, a sweetheart top with cropped sleeves.    

I doubled the size of the neckpiece / binding. I won't do that again. I thought it might look cool.  It's just annoying me how the back of the shirt lays - so, back to the original size for the next time I sew this shirt.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Bathroom Curtain

In July we will celebrate owning the same home for 11 years.  Since I am 99.9% positive we are never moving (until we retire or I win the lottery) I decided to finally start making curtains.  I started in the master bathroom.  As you can see - the curtain that has been hanging in there is, um, gross?  grody to the max?  has outlived it's usefulness?  

And - *tada* - here is the new version.  

Love it. Love the pop of color. Love that there isn't a water stain running across the middle of it.  Love that there isn't lace falling off of it.  

I did raise the lower curtain by 3.5 inches - just to make sure that anyone that walks by the window indoors is covered by the curtain and not giving a free show to the neighborhood.

The stripes are busy and bold so I was unsure if I should add a trim.  Thoughts?  Leave the curtains as is or search for a just right trim?

I am making roman shades for the majority of the other rooms and need to shop for supplies tomorrow (oh - and Joann's has Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.99 starting tomorrow. Yee Haw). 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jalie Fleece Jacket - arm embroidery

Jalie Fleece Jacket - arm embroidery
Originally uploaded by bethvanduzer

For Christmas I made my sister and my niece Jalie #2795 Jackets. I made a muslin for me first - to see how well the pattern fit, etc.

The pattern is awesome. I used an old blanket as the main fabric (The gray fabric was a blanket I received  years ago when I worked at a large pharma company. Milk Street Cafe would give the admins 'points' for ordering food through them for meetings. Once you earned a certain number of points you could redeem them for products.) and a remnant from JoAnn's for the 'pop' of color. It had a lot of pieces but the directions were super simple to follow and it really sewed up in a flash.

Front of Jacket and a dog to boot. She likes to have her photo taken.
Back of Jacket.

My sister's jacket. She's a Jets fan. NOTE - Jets fabric is not easily found in New England. Had to order it online.
Jacket for my niece.


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