Friday, September 19, 2008

Lime Green Hat

Lola has been wearing her lime green hat from Jace / his mom Sherry (he was her partner in a kid's swap) to school all week. On the first day she kept it on all the time they were outside - the staff thanked me saying it was easy to keep track of her (if you need to know why they want to keep track of her click here). On the second day - they would see the green hat and say "Lola's over there." and then they would see her on the other side of the playground. It seems she took great pleasure in hanging her hat on every pole she could reach. After hanging her hat - she'd run away. So - the hat is loved by Lola and her teachers, when it's on her head.

1 comment:

jillytacy said...

Lola sounds like a lot of fun!!! I love the hat. As a preschool teacher I appreciate how the lime green hat makes head counts easier. Then again it only works if there's a head under the hat! ha, ha!


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