Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun Wedding!

Okay - I don't know these people in the video. Found it on another blog.


If my husband & I are required to pay for a traditional wedding for our daughters I will require they do this at their wedding - only if I am paying for it, of course.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacation Memories

Just got back from vacation. We visited a few bears.

Took the kids to see their 1st drive-in movie.

And - saw a rainbow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gracie and H.A.

H.A. = Halter Apron

I made my halter apron from the pattern I received from Tenth Muse Studios. Sorry for the poor photo quality - it is raining yet once again here in New England. Some nice thunderstorms today. There was no lighting to be had aside from the house lights and they just didn't cut it. My daughters and husband all liked this apron. I was a little leery about sewing the whole thing together and then turning it inside out but it worked well. I think next time I'll add an inch or so to the waist piece. I have a long torso and really wanted the tie to be down just a bit more but that is the only complaint I have about this pattern. If you want one you can go here to buy it.

This is Gracie.

She's the Gracie Handbag by Lazy Girl Designs. It was easy to put together - although I think their directions leave you with a tad of a sloppy inside. I'm sure if my thread colors matched my fabric it would not be so noticeable to me. I did not have one shade of green to match the striped fabric. Bummer. I haven't embellished it at all. I'll let the girls have at the buttons tomorrow to see if they can find the 'perfect' button to put on the flap.

See that inside fabric. That was a free yard I won from Sew Mama Sew. I finally used it. And, there is enough to make the lining of another purse. Yippee!

The only con about this pattern is that it wants you to purchase a Bag-E-Bottom. I had no idea what it was when I read the back of the pattern in the store and the employee that checked me out did not ask if I needed it. I finally figured it out once I watched the video available on the Lazy Girl Designs website - a Bag-E-Bottom it is a hard acrylic bottom for the bag. Newsflash - I'm not one to follow directions. So - I improvised and covered some Pellon Peltex with fabric and slid it into the holder and now I have a semi-hard bottom on my bag. I think if I really wanted to I could put another piece of Pellon Peltex in to make the bottom more solid. I'll test it tomorrow as is to see if another layer is really necessary.

I don't think I'll ever call her Gracie though. I've always called my purses Percival (pronounced Purse-i-val) after Percival on Little House on the Prairie. He married Nellie Olsen - for those that don't know.

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Projects

What I am going to be working on first - before I attempt my Prairie Dresses.


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