Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Swap Goodies

I was so excited to find a box outside my house earlier this week from Lori, my Fall Swap partner. Now - the deadline to mail these is September 30th. I'm still shopping / sewing stuff for her soooooooo, don't expect mine too soon.

Lori sent me so many great things! A table runner, a basket with tons of festive ribbon on the handles, soap, cashews, a starbuck's gift card, blank note cards, and blocks. Now, when my mother saw the blocks she said it was nice of you to send something with my name on it. My nickname is Boo Boo, or Boo for those that think two syllables are too much. I'll post how I received that moniker another time. They are fabulous - and sparkly. (Did you make them? I love them.)

This great sign.

The decoration my children like the most, besides the blocks, is this pumpkin. I put it in the t.v. room, by the t.v. and my little one exclaimed oohs and ahhs when she saw it and wanted to know what it was for. Guess you can tell I don't decorate much. Really, for Christmas we have a tree with predominantly Star Trek ornaments on it. And my tree is the kind with the lights already on it. I feel like such a curmudgeon.

My favorite is my very own Too Silly Sisters bracelet! I have given a bunch of Lori's bracelets as gifts to Lucy's friends and everyone loves them. It's nice to finally have something for me.

Thank you so much Lori! I think I'm going to have to purchase more pumpkins now to decorate the homestead.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Beth- I am so glad that your liked your goodies! Yes, I did make the blocks, but I did not realize that your nickname was "Boo"! How perfect! The pumpkin is a tassel that you can hang from anything- a chandelier, a door knob, stair railing, etc. I hope the bracelet fits just the way you like it.:-) Is it feeling like Fall there yet? Lori

jillytacy said...

You got some great fall goodies! I love the button bracelet! I never decorated for any holiday other than Christmas before we had Nature Girl. Now we decorate the inside of the house for most holidays. I still haven't gotten into decorating the outside of the house for holidays. By the way being a frugal stay at home mom I always hit the holiday sales the day after the holiday. I've gotten tons of fall and Halloween stuff that way. Now that your girls are in school you might be able to do the after Halloween sale shop by yourself. Now that would be fun!

Amy said...

How wonderful! I'll be honest, when I first saw that you got yours I panicked, because I haven't finsihed mine! Glad I still have some time!! Enjoy your wonderful things!


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