Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poison Ivy - Day 10

I joined a CSA this year. My first time doing so. The farm had a twilight walk around the farm for CSA members where you could meet the farmer, see what crops were being planted, meet the animals, etc. At the last minutes I decided to go with my two kids. They had a great time running around in the tall grass - right where there was poison ivy. Only one child wound up with a tiny spot of poison ivy on her leg. My husband & I thought it would go away on its own. Really, a typical case of poison ivy can last for two weeks.

Over the past 10 days I have spend $30 on band-aids. We kept putting them on her before school. I didn't want her blisters to 'pop' while at school. Don't want her giving this to anybody else. The one day she came home and told me her band-aids all came off in the shower. I looked at her and reminded her that I was the one that gave her a shower and that I was also the one that put new band-aids on her after her shower so unless she showered at school that was not quite correct. She then told me her teacher said the best thing for poison ivy was for it to be uncovered - so she went to the bathroom and took off all of her band-aids. Then she went to the nurse to have some cream put on her spots. She's in half-day kindergarten. She is literally in the school for less than three hours. And at least part of the day she spent in the nurse's office? What is up with that? Is this how a teenager learns to go to the nurse - by starting in kindergarten?

Anyway, we wouldn't have taken her except that after 10 days both of her legs had many spots of poison ivy and it was migrating to her face (near her eye) as well as her netherregions. And, that on Friday night - she was like a woman possesed. She announced she was going to sleep in her sister's closet - I'll have to post about closet sleeping another day, does anyone else have kids that like to sleep in closets? Seriously - most people are afraid of their kids coming out of the closet - all mine want to do is go into the closet - and while checking on her sister I could hear her scratching her legs - poor thing. I made her get up to go to the bathroom but she was still half asleep and just threw herself on the floor writhing with itchiness. I finally had to get my husband. His solution - wake her up completely and then put her in front of the television. Well, at least it kept her mind off of her poison ivy.

Sarah, a dear friend of mine who just happened to launch a magazine this year, had recommended her doctor's office to us when our original doctor's had left her practice. Let me tell you - I love this new practice. I love the office staff. I love the doctors. Love, Love, Love. My daughter was in and out in no time on a Saturday morning. I had just given her crayons and a coloring book when the doctor walked in the door. The doctor looked my daughter over, agreed that it was poison ivy and needed some prescription meds to clear it up and said you're done. My daughter looked up at her and said "That's it? That was a short visit. But I want to color some more" Okay, when a six-year-old notices how long you have been at a doctor's office that says something about how a practice is run, right? I think I'm going to send them a gift basket.

Of course - it should be easy. A thirty minute drive home. I drive-by the pharmacy first to see if the prescription is filled and it turns out so many kids in our town have poison ivy that they are out of the one prescription. They had to call another pharmacy to borrow a bottle and can I come back. Well, of course I can. What else would I do? So I literally spent my entire day driving around for things. Doctor's appoinments, prescriptions, and finally the grocery store for dinner. But, the good news is her rash is looking oh so much better and that she is in much better spirits. Maybe tomorrow we can do something during this 90+ degree weather - like shopping for mommy instead.

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