Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On A Roll

Today is backyard fun day for my daughter's kindergarten class. I decided I wanted to make each child their own crayon roll as a parting gift. I asked the room mothers and they were all for it. Then, I thought, why not double the number and sew one for each of the children in the other half-day classroom (the two classrooms will be having their 'fun day' together).

As I started my project I cut many, many, many pieces for the crayon rolls. I had 8 Scooby-Doo, 5 Woody, and 4 each of Buzz & Nemo. Well, that wasn't going to be good is all I could think to myself. Each class has 10 boys. I didn't have 10 of one character and, even if I did, who's to say that they would all like these characters. I thought briefly of making SpongeBob crayon rolls, but, I have been making a SpongeBob Quilt for over a year and I am not willing to give up any fabric that hasn't been cut into squares yet.

I rummaged around a bit and found some alphabet material. I cut out enough for 18 crayon rolls. The exact number of children in Lucy's kindergarten class. Of course, by only working late at night on the third floor with no air conditioning I was bound to eventually make a mistake or two. (no - I'm not making excuses) I put the fusible on the wrong piece of fabric. I stuck some of the fusible onto my iron. I sewed a few of them not so straight. I also used a new fray check that I am not sure I like. But, I finished 17 crayon rolls and have an experimental pad / crayon roll for my daughter to have in lieu of a crayon roll.

The crayon roll is only one ingredient in a Summer Survival Kit. Here is the tag that accompanies each roll:

Last night I thought about making each child a bag too. To create a bigger better Summer Survival Kit. But, I sooooooooooooo ran out of time. I love the idea and will get a headstart on next year 's survival kits real soon. As soon as I finish my SpongeBob Quilt. The boy I am making it for is having a birthday party on Friday. Must go out and buy coffee so I can stay up and finish it.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Those are wonderful! What a perfect item for the Kid's Swap!:-) You should open an etsy shop and sell them, too! Lori


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