Monday, June 30, 2008

Pottery Barn & BTRS Swap

I love Pottery Barn. I wish my house could be decorated by Pottery Barn. Of course, since my kids took a sharpie to our cheap couch I'm kind-of happy it isn't from Pottery Barn.

I saw the Metal Flatware Silhouettes (featured above in my kitchen - the wall color is a prettier yellow than in the picture) in the catalog and was secretly hoping they would go on sale - I only buy items on sale from Pottery Barn. They did! As soon as they arrived I took the kid artwork off the wall, used an entire Magic Eraser to get the wall clean & got out my husband's power tools to hang the art. Please, don't look behind the silhouettes - it's not a pretty picture (no pun intended). If we ever move there will be lots of hole filling to be done.

This is the before I cleaned-up the island and table shot. Not quite as catalog ready.

I have started cutting out the place mats for my BTRS swap. It took me a long time to find fabric I liked - I bought four other patterns before I found this. I love it! My partner said her kitchen was black, blue & yellow and this is the only fabric that I have found that has all three colors (the stems may actually be more chocolate than black but I'm calling it black). I'm hoping this will be okay for her. I actually like this Alexander Henry print so much that I am going to make myself the same set of place mats - minus the napkins. I don't have enough fabric for the napkins for me too.

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ltnbrn said...

I like Pottery Barn, too...but only buy things on sale. Fortunately, there's an outlet not too far from the house....


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