Monday, June 16, 2008


A Short Play

3 - year -old
Mother - not telling her age

6-y.-o.: Mommy, I ran out of thread in this. (hold up empty bobbin) Can you give me more?

Mother: No. We're leaving for the library in a few minutes. I thought you wanted to go and meet the alligator. Could you please put that back?

6-y.o.: Oh yeah! I forgot. (run upstairs to put the bobbin back & to turn off the sewing machine)

Five Minutes Later

Mother: (standing at the bottom of the staircase) Girls, we're going to leave. Are you still coming?

3.-y.-o.: (standing on the stair landing) It's not working. It's not working. (saying it through gritted teeth by the end)

Mother: What's not working?

6.-y.-.: (appears next to her sister) Oh. I made my sister a yo-yo.

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