Friday, April 18, 2008

Life on the farm

We visited a local farm yesterday and joined their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Click here to learn more about what a CSA is. While at the farm the girls picked flowers, as well as weeds, and were pleased as punch to feed them to the 600 chickens that live on the farm solely to provide eggs. There are also honey bees, cows, goats, pigs and turkeys.

And, an interesting fact I learned while there, is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts comes out to the farm every month and tests the blood of every single chicken for disease. I liked knowing that is there was a check and balance system in place since the news always seems to only promote horror stories (like when there is an outbreak of a disease) as opposed to the precautions farmers and the state are taking.

If you are interested in finding a CSA near you check out this link. There is a newsletter you can sign up for here as well as a locator that will help you find local farms from 10 miles up to 100 miles from the zip code you enter.

An here is what we did with some of the real flowers that we found. Created a makeshift car vase and gave them to a friend whose birthday is Saturday. Gotta love simple pleasures and gifts.

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