Sunday, June 1, 2008


During the past two weeks I've had two sick kids. Each one taking their turn being sick. (Daughter #1 - who is no longer sick now has poison ivy and was lying on the couch after I applied cortizone cream to her bumps and bandaged them so she wouldn't itch them - hence the askew photo of me and the ceiling.)

I was beginning to think that I would not be able to sew along with the Sew Mama Sew Women's Clothing Month. I finally hunkered down last night and made my smock. I like it better now. At midnight, when I tried on the finished smock, I was not happy with it. Could be that it was midnight and I was wearing a knit, long-sleeved top under the smock. Not a good combo.

I made the smock to use while volunteering in my daughter's classroom - hence the print on the fabric. It was my first time using a fabric where I had to match up the fabric - make sure the crayons for the front piece would match up with crayons in the back piece and the pocket. I had to shorten the pocket a bit to make that work but overall it came out nice.

And the back of the smock.

I have a long torso and have never made myself a top before (I know, it's a smock but it is like a top). I think next time I might make it an inch or two longer. I have a bunch of pictures my daughter took with my arms hanging by my sides and I look like a very long-armed headless model (cropping of the head was mostly mandatory in the other photos - haven't had a haircut in about six months soooooo - the hair is pretty wild right now). But it feels okay wearing it so I guess the length might be okay.

I had never sewn a dart before last night. They weren't so bad but I do think the one turned out better than the other. Next time I will also make the arm holes a tad larger.

My older daughter does not want a smock but the younger one does. I figure - if I make one for one child the other is going to want one. So - now - I just need to figure out how to resize the pattern & I'll be good to go, as soon as I sew a skirt or two for me, then a dress for one of the girls, and a skort for another one...


mysteryhistorymom said...

I just can't get over how creative you are!!!! I wish that I knew how to sew but sewing machines (yes, I do have one) intimidate me.... Lori

Love the Hercules quilt!!!!

tyketto said...

Lori - you're too sweet! Actually, since you have kids - have you ever read any of Mo Willems books? His first was "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!" I used the pigeon for the stymphalian birds Hercules had to drive away. I love the pigeon!


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