Monday, June 9, 2008

Of Toads and Air Conditioners

I went out earlier today to wait for my daughter's bus and what was sitting on my driveway sunning itself but a large toad. I walked to the backyard, drained the water out of the kiddie pool (okay - I stepped on the side of the pool until all the water was out), walked back to the driveway and the toad was still sitting there. I knew I couldn't tell my daughter there had been a toad in the yard without her wondering why I didn't catch it for her. I promptly found a flower pot and ran around the driveway chasing the toad, who was very happy to jump away from me, until he jumped into the flower pot. As my daughter exited the bus I showed her the toad. She was overjoyed.

We don't have central air. Who thinks when they move to New England that it will really get this hot - and in June no less. We have one room that we affectionately refer to as Sanctuary during the summer. During the rest of the year it is just the T.V. room. It has a window unit in it. We also have one other window unit for one of the girl's bedrooms. I was waiting for my husband to put it in since my daughter's and I have spent the past two nights sleeping in the T.V. room. He doesn't mind the heat. This afternoon, after checking the indoor temperature, I put the air conditioner in the window.

The one side never really fit quite right. I found some bright pink duct tape and taped it over so I'm hopeful more cool air will stay in the room this way. And the washcloth is there for the same reason. A slight gap. Hmmm - bet I could put duct tape there too. At least the girls can sleep on a bed tonight and maybe me too. I'm sure they won't mind sharing.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Poison ivy is the pits! I did not know that there was a prescription for the rash...

You are so creative and I am enjoying reading your blog! What will you think of next?



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