Monday, November 17, 2008

They're Everywhere!

My new favorite coffee mug is the yellow one with the Great Wall of China. My husband admitted, they were an impulse buy on his way out of China at the airport. Is there anyplace in the world that doesn't have a Starbucks Coffee? According to the site finder on the Starbucks website there are 64 Starbucks in Beijing alone. Who knew?

The mugs also became an instant history lesson for the girls about the wall, why it was built and the Huns. Gotta love a gift that keeps on giving.


SuperMomdel said...

OMG - you are totally a homeschool mom at heart, using coffee mugs as history lessons. Go into the light, Beth!

Tonya said...

Cool! There is starbucks in England too - wanna know a secret? I've never had starbucks! haha

Tilly said...

Oh those are cute! Nothing quite beats a favorite coffee mug does it? :)

Amy said...

I had no idea they had Starbucks in Beijing! Good to know in case I ever visit!
Love the mugs!

Heather said...

Beth, Just wanted to let you know I am giving you an award this morning. You're so kind and supportive with your visits and so sharing with all your posts.


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