Monday, November 3, 2008

Swaps - books and aprons

We have received a bunch of great swap packages here over the past two weeks.

Lola received her One Good Book Swap package from Leo and his mom Katy in the U.K. She was so excited to have something just for her. Her sister sat next to her saying "I'm so jealous." Was quite funny - for me.

There were two fabulous books in the box - The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child and Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep by Joyce Dunbar. The illustrations in The Princess and the Pea aren't illustrations at all - they are cut out figures in small dioramas that have been photographed - really very cool.

And - what else does a little girl need but her very own princess with a blanket and a pea! As well as a Velveteen Rabbit to go with the Dunbar book. While we were on vacation at Cape Cod we read the Velveteen Rabbit (it was one of the books at the house we rented) and the children, after we read the book, saw a real rabbit in the yard and were convinced that it was the Velveteen Rabbit.

The best thing about the dolls is that Katy made them. She's having a close-out sale in her Etsy shop. Get one of her dolls before they sell out. They are awesome.

To be honest - we looked at everything before we read the note. I saw the pea (a green felted ball) and thought - what is this? Must be in the box by accident. Then - I read the note and got it! So cool. The gifts were great and we read the books right after we finished reading the note from Katy.

The next day Lola told me she had peed on the floor. I ran over to see where. The little angel stood there with her hands behind her back and slowly brought the one forward and said - no mommy - this pea is on the floor. And there she was holding up the green felted pea. She's one smart cookie - knows how to get her mommy to come running.


Lucy also received her One Good Book Swap package from Elsaysha and her mom Shannon. Lucy and Elsaysha had a lot of the same likes so it was easy for me to shop for her - mailing it was another story, but I digress. Lucy had one of her friends over when she found the box by the front door. I don't know if I can post pictures of her friend so I didn't but the faces they made when opening the box and pulling items out were priceless. I think her friend was more excited than she was.

She received a rainbow fairy book, a fairy craft book (we'll be using it tomorrow since my kids don't have school - if you are in the U.S.A. - go vote!) and a bag full of arts and craft supplies in addition to some gummies that the kids wolfed down.

I received my Hot Mama Apron from Patty. I love the apron. The fabric is fabulous, the ruffle is so ruffly and the pocket - perfect. And - it's reversible. So cool!!! She also sent me coffee, tea, candy, and knitted me my very own coffee cozy. The coffee cozy is going to get its own post. I love it.

I made my hot mama apron for Harley. The other goodies I sent Harley were a book, a magazine with an article about coffee, Peet's Coffee (it was mentioned in the article), some bookmarks, a dish towel, and a coffee wallet.

Were just mailed out today. Lucy & Lola's packages for their book swap partners. Life kept getting in the way. It took me forever to pack these up and get them to the post office. And, as I was finally taking the boxes to the car this morning I noticed some of the things for the one box had been taken out - by my three-year-old. So, I had to send two packages to Elsaysha - I wasn't about to untape the box. And, I have never sent a box off to the U.K. before. The form they had me fill-out was huge. "...And make sure you mark box 17, and don't forget to date and sign it..." My goodness! But that box should be at Leo's house in approximately six to ten days. Let's hope the shipping gods are good to my boxes and that everyone receives their goodies quickly.

Now - off to sew some more. My first craft show will be Wednesday. Wish me luck! Beth


mysteryhistorymom said...

WOW! What a bunch of great mail, Beth! The book swap was so fun. Did you know that is doing another kid's book swap? The apron is fabulous, too! For some reason I thought your first craft fair was last weekend... My mind is in a million places. What else is new?? Lori

Amy said...

Awesome!! Everything is so fabulous! I love the pea--how cute! Have fun at your craft fair Wednesday! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Sherry said...

Great swaps and Lola is so funny with the pea!!

Have a good one!

jillytacy said...

Great swap mail! I love the softies from Katy. She makes the best softies! The coffee apron is cute too!


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