Sunday, November 23, 2008

Almost Done - Holiday Hostess Apron Swap

Well, I'm almost done with my Holiday Hostess Apron. It will be mailed out on Monday. The bottom half is from a pattern Sharon posted on her blog. The wrap top is from a pattern I have for a dress / shirt (can do either) but have never used. I'm notorious for (1) not following directions (wonder where my 6-year-old gets that from) as well as (2) trying out new things and (3) 'winging' it.

My partner liked red. She also said she would like a full apron. Some full aprons I love and fit great - others not so great. So - I wanted to give my partner the option of having a full or half apron. The bottom half can be worn alone. The top can be put on if she chooses. I really wish I owned a bedazzler right now. I think the wrap top is screaming for bling! Must find something fun to add to the top.

Any suggestions? A poinsettia pin perhaps?

The other thing I like about this apron is it can be used for multiple holidays. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Redhead Day, Lief Erikson Day, etc.


jillytacy said...

It looks fabulous. Red is my favorite color too but since I didn't join the swap it's not for me. I think a poinsettia pin would be perfect. How about a matching fabric headband too? I'm sure she's going to love it!

Sharon said...

Adorable! I just finished my apron for the swap this morning. I think the poinsettia pin would be a good addition, or even a sparkly snowflake. Oh, and I'm glad to see the vintage apron pattern I posted actually sewn up :-)


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