Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An oldie but a goodie

My parents have been visiting while my husband is in China. All weekend Lucy was fighting something. Instead of running around outside we all settled on playing Monopoly. The kids were practically jumping out of their skin with excitement when they saw we owned the game. Now, they said the babysitter had played it with them before so I don't know how they didn't know it was ours but they're kids. Who knows. I guess they thought she brought the game with her.

We played Monopoly two days in a row. Thankfully one girl won one day and the other the next. Actually, both girls were unbelievably gracious losers. I was so impressed with their behavior. Really, they usually don't lose gracefully!

Monopoly, by the way, is a great game for helping children learn to read as well as math skills. Counting the dice, learning about rolling doubles, buying property, knowing when someone lands on your property, reading the Chance & Community Chest cards as well as having monopolies!

I know what board game we're going to play on Thanksgiving - can you guess?


Amy said...

My kids love to play Monopoly! My husband becomes a real estate tycoon when he plays--and he becomes impossible to live with!

Amy said...

I have something for you on my blog...

Tonya said...

My kids would rather play the computer than a board game, so lucky that you get to play monopoly!


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