Saturday, November 22, 2008

Craft Show #3

This past Thursday night was craft show number three. I must say, I made the least amount of money at this event. It was for one of my mother's clubs. I've shopped at this event in the past and it has always been well attended. This year, there was never a good crowd. One group of women decided to stand around in the room I was in and drink wine.

One of the good points, I thought, was that the table and linens were included for everyone in the fee for the event. When I got there I had a round table. And, it was small. Not a great table. It was impossible for me to display the aprons except for what Manny and Wanda wore. I guess I need to invest in a clothes line or hanger apparatus of some sort. And, children left their trash on my table as well as women leaving their wine glasses on it (I was right next to a door to a hallway to another room with more vendors). Next time I do an event I'll be a little more specific with what I ask for in regards to a table.

To top it off, someone else was selling crayon rolls! Mine were more kid-friendly with the fabric and the elastic as well as the price but still...I didn't think there were supposed to be duplicates. Not cool.

And, I guess the icing on top of this, some of the moms were downright rude. They would turn their back to the table and me and make comments to their friends about the coasters or crayon rolls while I was still behind them. Ummmmmmmmm - hello! Nothing like taking a knife and twisting it. Really, my heart is on my sleeve with items I make and hope they are good enough but it's hard to stand around smiling while people make snide remarks.

Anyway. There was a woman next to me who actually did the best, in my opinion, out of any of the 29 crafters that were there. She had one of a kind, handmade bags (I bought one - it's so cool). She was also thrown for a loop when one of the other crafters stopped by and mentioned she also made bags but she only brought large totes with her. Immediately the other woman went to see if she could find what the other woman was selling as she was also told no one else would be selling purses at the event.

I guess live and learn - and bring extra stuff to sell just in case your cornerstone item is being sold by another vendor.


Amy said...

I'm sad to hear that....Although I'm not surprised. People can be so rude!

jillytacy said...

People can be rude. I've had similar experiences too. In reality I often look at craft fair items and think I can make that myself but I don't make rude comments to vendors. I saw years ago someone who had a sign along the lines of "Sure you can make this yourself but will you really take the time to do it?" I like that! Good luck at future craft fairs. Hopefully the next ones go better.

carrie said...

I'm sure your things were fantastic. Don't let those people get you down. Just let me know when you need some validation... I will happily give it to ya!


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