Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Scrap Swap and My THQ Bag

I joined the Happy Scrap Swap co-hosted by Abbie and Katherine. By joining you were also entered to win a prize.

I won a prize form Abbie! She sent me a fabulous purse. I love it! The colors are so bright and happy. There are pockets inside - I adore pockets. I can't wait to use it! Could I possible use any more exclamation points in this post?

Anyway - Abbie - where did you purchase the zipper pulls that say THQ? I didn't get a good shot of that for the post - perhaps because it is pitch black here in New England - but I love them and want my own. Please share your source!

Oh - and - she is also one of my partners for the Happy Scrap Swap. Above are the scraps she sent. I can't wait to get my other bag of scraps so I can get sewing. I love some of the fabrics to pieces already. The blue one at the bottom with the circles and wavy lines - oh so 1960s. So many ideas! So many exclamation points!

Later, Beth


annamae said...

very cute bag! what fun to be given something so cheerful and functional. I've never done a swap but they always look like so much fun!

Abbie S-Dyer said...

glad you like it beth....i found a guy on etsy who made those tags for me...i'm going to hsve to find him again, once i do, i will definitely let you know. if you want to find it yourself....type the keyword "custom tags" he's very affordable :)


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