Friday, November 28, 2008

I got my apron

I received a fabulous package in the mail today. It was such a surprise to open the package and see poinsettia fabric - I thought it was something I had ordered and I know I didn't order any poinsettia fabric.

See - isn't this lovely? I thought - awwww - it's an apron and my partner made me a poinsettia apron and wrapped it up with gold ric rac (very cool and sparkly). I read her note and it said she hand sewed the sequins onto the apron. I looked and didn't see any but thought - oh - they must be on the pockets or something.

I unwrapped my package and THIS is what I saw:

NOOOOOOO - it's not a poinsettia apron it is a sparkly, blingy, I'm going to blind my enemies with my fancy apron apron. Isn't it fabulous? I'm in love with it. Lucy and Lola both oooohed and ahhhhed over it. The fabulous Christy created this apron and also sent a lovely bracelet to go along with the apron.

Thank you Christy!

The apron is wonderful - I can't wait to pick my kid up from school in it! I absolutely wear aprons to my kids school too - mostly smocks when I volunteer but this is too good not to wear out for others to admire.

Everyone - get yourself an apron if you don't have one. They are a must have! They make you smile - at least - they make me smile.

Spreading apron love - Beth


mysteryhistorymom said...

You looks so fabulous and festive Beth! What a lovely package! Lori

Keri said...

Very cute! That is a blingy apron!!

Katherine said...

Uh oh look out!! Beth has some bling on her apron :0) That is FANTASTIC!

Anna said...

Beth, what a divine apron for a divine girl! It'll work to blind your BFF principal over at the school, I bet.

Courtney (logged in as Anna, yes my daughter has herveryown blog)

Sharon said...

Wow! What a great apron for the holiday seasons.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow! It's glorious. Love it!

Jamie said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by...I do love that Lori, she sends the best to my blog, hehe!

What a cute apron...I'm very into aprons now and want to wear one all the time, hehe! Hope you have a happy Sunday :-)

YayaOrchid said...

Wow, lucky you! that is an awesome apron! I also REALLY love the poinsettia fabric. And I also really like the apron in your previous post!


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