Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reusable Grocery Bags

I love using reusable grocery bags. I like making them too. I've tried a bunch of different patterns. They are mostly the same - some include front pockets. Some have you attach your straps on the outside, some on the inside. I think the pattern I like the most so far comes from the Sew Mama Sew website. It's easy to follow and you can whip one up in a night of sewing (or even two - really - they are that fast to do).

I'm going to make some and bring them down to NJ. My mother says the local grocery store by her gives her a nickel off her order for each reusable bag she uses. That's exactly five cents more than I get.

The fabric I used came from my yard sale booty. I have some large pieces of fabric, some smaller pieces, and have been trying to figure out what to do, aside from letting Lucy make 'tooth fairy bags' for all her friends. This seems perfect for the larger pieces. The smaller ones just don't make big enough bags. I'm thinking maybe they can be pockets on bags. Or perhaps pockets on something else.
And, as you can see from the above photo, I have easily placed three boxes of cereal into my bag with room for at least one if not two more boxes. Who knew that this orangey-yellow color was so popular for cereal boxes? Not I - until these were in the bag.


Sherry said...

Aren't they wonderful! You do a great job too! I have been making them for my sister to use and we have some too! Love them!!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Those look great! I wish that you could have been with me the other day when the lady in line behind me at the store "started in" on me. I told the cashier that I would not need any plastic bags as I was trying to not use so many. I was just going to put my craft items in my cart and then go the car. SO- this lady (and I am using the term loosely here) says, "You know they recycle those bags." And I said,"I know. I am just trying to do my part," as sweetly as possible. So she says, "Well, I do too." Like I was questioning her or something!!! I wanted to scream but instead I said, "Good for you!":-) Lori

Heidi Ann said...

HI Tyketto, So lovely to meet you!...I am so happy to hear you are joining me for my "Halloween Swap"!...It should be a lot of fun! I also have been enjoying your delightful blog! I am off right now for that wonderful grocery bag pattern! I LOVE the idea of making your own from pretty fabrics!!! And the size is great! Again thank you for participating!...Enjoy your evening!...Heidi XO

jillytacy said...

I love your reusable grocery bags! This has been on my to do list since February and it's still not done. I made some for my sister but haven't done my own yet. Now I really need to make myself a tote bag and a messenger bag for school this fall so my reusable bags won't be done for a while!


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