Saturday, August 23, 2008

Laughter Therapy - a short play

My entire family lives in New Jersey. My parents usually visit us at least once or twice a year – whenever my dad can get time off from work. However, since my mother is currently not working I like to run down to NJ every so often and bring her up here to Massachusetts for some therapy. Laughter Therapy. My mother says she doesn’t laugh anywhere else like she does at our house. Every so often I call her up and ask her if she is prepared for her laugh of the day. She quickly sits down before she has me regale her with a story. Tonight, I called her to prep her for what her therapy would be like once I pick her up later on this week. Without further ado, a quick laughter therapy session for everyone to enjoy:


Mother, 3-y-o (three-year-old daughter)

Scene opens with a mother sitting on a window seat typing e-mails on her laptop. A blond-haired three-year-old girl is heard by the mother entering and exiting the bathroom. A few minutes later the three-year-old walks up to her mother.

3-y-o: Mommy, I pooped.

Mother: I’m sorry. What did you say? (as mother looks up from her laptop and raises an eyebrow at her offspring and hits the send button hoping her e-mail is complete and makes sense)

3-y-o: I pooped on the brick.

Mother: You pooped on the brick? What brick?

3-y-o: The brick in the house.

Mother: (is seen thinking – the only brick in the house is around the fireplace) Can you show me where?

3-y-o: I pooped on the fireplace. Come (gives mother her hand and a cherub smile). I will show you.

The two make their way to the computer room via the kitchen so the mother can pick up some disinfecting wipes as well as a small garbage bag. Once in front of the fireplace the mother notices a dark stain on a brick – but no poop.

Mother: Honey, did you clean it up?

3-y-o: (proudly) Yes.

Mother: What did you use?

3-y-o: A towel. Mommy, I was trying to put Knuffle Bunny on the couch, on the brick couch when I pooped. I didn’t mean it. It was an accident.

Mother: (as she is scrubbing the stained brick) It’s okay honey. You did the right thing to try to clean it up and to tell mommy about it. (once it has been cleaned mother stands up and looks at offspring). Let’s put you in the tub.

The pair make their way to the bathroom via the kitchen so the mother can throw the small garbage bag into the large garbage can and put the container of wipes away. Upon entering the bathroom the mother spies a bath towel on the floor that is crumpled and looks stained in spots.

Mother: Honey? Is this the towel you used to clean up your mess?

3-y-o: (very proudly) Yes mommy. It is.


Sherry said...

Such a Cute story! 3 year olds try to be so helpful! I love them at that age! I'm glad you and my sister visited each others blogs. Cathy just started blogging a few months ago. I'm glad she did. It helps me to get to know her better since we live so far away from each other.


jillytacy said...

Too funny! At least she tried to help clean it up! Thank goodness for Clorax wipes! You hear horror stories about kids and poopy messes. This one just funny!

Anonymous said...

so this what i have to look forward to. thanks for the warning! :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I am going thru this too with my little guy! He told me he went outside yesterday...I went out and there in full view was his proud achievment...we are working on the "only in the potty" thing! Melinda


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