Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yard Sale?!?

Those two words always make me think of Toy Story 2.

This past weekend I went to a yard sale. It was posted on my mother's club forum and stated there would be fabric there (as well as 87 baskets). Since daughter number one wants to sew, and since I had such great fortune with my freecycle request, I decided to go to the yard sale. I told my girls I would get them each a basket if they behaved.

Once there I found a bin full of placemats, a curtain, and a few dishtowels. I'm big on placemats. I like having them for playdates, tea parties, impromptu pizza in the floor (the pizza is on plates - the plates on the placemats), etc. So, I got the whole box, plus four dolls, for $8. Then, I asked if they had fabric and what I found was amazing. You know, when you go into Lowe's or Home Depot and they have those large books with fabric samples. There were those. And, they were looking for $1 or $2 each. So, I got a bunch of those and some curtain fabric (the woman that owned the home used to have an upholstery business).

My daughters are so excited! I went back during the week to the attic and got about 30 more books of sample fabrics, some notions (buttons!), some needles, some really cool trim that I have no idea what it is good for but I'm sure the kids will.

We already made a sleeping bag for the webkins and a reusable shopping bag. We're going to make a pillow for a friend's birthday and a few 'one of a kind' crayon rolls. Clothes for the webkins are high on my daughter's list. I just need to explain what a pattern is and that she needs to cut the pattern before she can just sew - or do I?

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