Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kid's Swap

The mailman brought my kid's the best return from vacation gift ever - their kid's swap mail! Lucy and Lola received so much good stuff.

Lola loves her monkey.
Lola's loot - a Barbie - with her own surfboard, coloring book, crayons, a magic towel, a ring pop, journal, pen, change purse and a very 70's green hat and heels!
Lucy's loot - a mermaid sticker book, Uno, beads, fabric, a magic towel, crayons, a journal, pen, and a skip it - rope thingy - very cool, except that it was raining yesterday and I had to take it away from her since it flew off her leg directly at one of our windows. Today there is sun. She can use it later & I can take an action shot.
Lucy's favorite is her pillow. I'm loving the bags Sherry made - they are so nice. I'm thinking of liberating one of them - if the girl's will let me. I noticed she also sells them in her Etsy shop. They are completely reversible, soft (lined with flannel?) and quilted. And - she adorned one with Yo-Yo's and the other with crocheted flowers. they are fabulous. Did I mention how much I like them? I think they are too nice for groceries.
Who had a blue ring pop?

Thanks Mallory & Jace! You guys are awesome.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Wow! Too much fun- and so many goodies! I'm so glad the girls had a good time with the swap!:-)

Sherry said...

I'm glad the girls liked everything! I accidently deleted my pictures of what we sent from my camera,so can I borrow yours? Lola looks to cute with that green hat and blue lips!

Have a great day!

jillytacy said...

Swap mail is the best! Watch out though it becomes addicting! My daughter loves getting the packages in the mail and asks me to sign her up for more swaps. She's only four! Really it's so much fun to see her reaction! I want to start tracking on a map where are packages are coming from. We have several international packages that are due to arrive soon so I better get the map ready.

jillytacy said...

I just realized that the bag looked familiar and I realized where I'd seen it. Sherry is our partner for the Fairy Tale Swap and I saw it on her blog. It's a small bloggy world!


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