Thursday, August 14, 2008

Making Perfume and a Reminder

Finally. Our string of rainy weather seems to have ended. For the last two days I have tried to keep my kids outside as much as possible. Every time they tried to come into the house I had to tell them they weren't dirty enough. Once they were dirty enough to warrant me running a bath they were allowed inside.

One activity we partook in during this lovely weather was making perfume (the children were so tired of me telling them to play outside that they made the perfume in the garage - which is still mostly outside). We have some beautiful rose bushes that my husband and dad planted last year - about an hour before a freak hail storm. We also have peppermint taking over our garden. The girls start out with rose perfume and end up with everything smelling like mint since it really does overpower the delicate rose scent.

And, as a bonus, peppermint is a natural bug repellent. People rub the leaves on their skin to help keep biting insects as well as bees and wasps away. That's my kind of plant.

The boys across the street had a lemonade stand a few weeks ago. My oldest wanted us to build a stand so she could sell perfume. Her gimmick - with every bottle of perfume someone bought they would receive their own daisy chain. Gotta love an entrepreneur.

Hope it is sunny wherever you are.

Oh - and don't forget - the cutoff for entering the ugly bag giveaway is 11.59 pm tonight


jillytacy said...

How fun! Even better your daughter is already on her way to figuring out ways to make her own money! You have to love a young entrepreneur!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! She should branch out into potpourri too.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Your girls are so creative! I bet they smelled wonderful with their new custom fragrances! Katie wanted to open a Chocolate Milk stand this evening.... Perhaps they could go into business together?:-) Lori


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