Sunday, August 24, 2008


Remember, I talked about wasps awhile ago. Well, I guess they think our house is really a good spot to live because they made a nice big nest right on one of our bedroom windows. The window by my side of the bed. And it's big. Like, football sized. I guess those screens we kept meaning to replace and never did will be bought post haste now - if I can find them at Home Depot or Lowe's. Really, the wasps usually keep their nests to the underside of our skylights. The nests are easy to see and easy for me or my husband to take care in that location. This - well - I guess it goes to show we don't often visit this side of the house.

old front door

The only reason I noticed it is because we are having work done on our house. A new front and back door. The company installing the door also put a diverter up. I was trying to figure out where the diverter was when wasps frequently buzzing around by the upper half of the house caught my eye. I guess it was a good thing we had some work done or I might be blogging about a watermelon sized wasp nest.

new front door


Sherry said...

That is huge! Good thing you didn't open your window and knock it down or something.

I like your new door!

jillytacy said...

The new door looks nice! We've had a few wasp nests this year too though my husband knocked them down using the garden hose. Of course yours looks bigger than ours were! Good luck getting rid of that!


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