Friday, October 3, 2008

Vintage Halloween Swap and Some Cake

Heidi organized a Vintage Halloween Swap. My partner, Carla, sent me some fabulous stuff.

Pumpkin girl, as I am calling her until my children give her a better name, is the absolute, hands-down favorite. My three-year-old took her down from where I perched her and sat her in many locations in my home before deciding that this step was the perfect place for her. (Ignore the dust on the stairs - I do.)

I also now have a cool picture to hang on the wall and the best smelling candle ever. It is a Trick or Treat scented Yankee Candle . Every time I smell it my teeth hurt - it smells just like candy corn. I haven't had candy corn in years...

To switch gears - Today my mom left to go back to New Jersey. Each child picked out a cake and decorated it last night. Each with a smile face. The three-year-old's creation is the yellow face, the six-year-old's is the blue face. They were so proud of decorating a cake for their Mema by themselves. Who needs a bakery to write We'll miss you when you have tubes of icing and an operatic serenade good-bye before the cake made up by your grandchildren? (I had suggested singing happy un-birthday but the un-rehearsed version of the opera We will miss you Mema in a soprano voice won.)


Carla said...

I'm glad you liked the gifts. My girl carried "pumpkin girl" around the house before I got hr packed away in the box. And I had to quit sniffing the candle. It made me crave candy corn.

Are you supposed to dust stairs? Uh oh. :op

mysteryhistorymom said...

Speaking of swaps- I got my package yesterday!!! Oh my, Beth, you did spoil me!! I loved everything! Especially the apron and the place mats! They are so cute!!! Thank you so much for everything! I blogged about all my goodies, so please stop by and take a peek!!!:) Lori

Amy said...

What great fun! Pumpkin girl is so cute!
Love the cakes the girls decorated! That is really sweet!

Sherry said...

Pumpkin girl is just so cute!!!
The cakes are wonderful!! How very special!


jillytacy said...

Opera and cake, how fun! Sorry Mema has to go home but hopefully she'll come visit again...especially if she knows there will be cake and opera again! Ha, ha!


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