Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hot Drinks for Hot Mama's Apron

The apron is done!

I used the Lorelei pattern from A is for Apron. I was trying to figure out if I should visit Staples or Kinko's to have the pattern enlarged when I saw a post on the Sew Mama Sew forum about a software program called Rapid Resizer. All I have to say is this product rocks. There is a two week free trial. I scanned in my image and had to adjust it a few times before it was just about spot-on. The only negative I can say about Rapid Resizer is that it asks in inches how tall or wide you want your final product to be. This particular apron needed to be made 400% larger. Thankfully, a few pieces were small and listed measurements. All I had to do was print out a page with a piece that measured a certain amount, check to make sure it was more or less correct (6 7/8 is 7 inches to me) and voila - I could print out a whole pattern.

And, I made bias tape for the first time. The making of it was actually very easy. It was only after I made it that I realized that it was smaller than 1/4 inch bias tape (what is smaller - 1/8?). Soooooooo - live and learn and buy a new larger bias tape maker tomorrow. After I do I'll post a how-to. Really, if I can do it late at night anyone can do it.

But, I really like that it is small and doesn't take away from the apron. I was kind-of afraid of the large coffee cups but I think it turned out alright. I can ship it off tomorrow as I already have all the extras just waiting here in my sewing room to go in a box for my partner!


annamae said...

oh I love aprons!!! and bravo for the sizing and self made binding! :) that kind of stuff makes me nervous... lol
I'm in your sbc group so just stopped in to say hi! :)

Amy said...

Wonderful! I always wondered how you could blow up those patterns 400%. I didn't buy the one book I wanted because of that! Thanks.
I see you opened your shop! Congrats. Was it easy? If I could just get mine opened..*sigh*

jillytacy said...

Great apron! I'm sure your partner loved it!


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