Sunday, October 5, 2008

get lost?

We did.
At the Kimball Farm Corn Maze.
This year's maze was bigger and better.
Eight Acres.
Five miles of paths - if you actually walked all of the maze.

32 questions direct visitors through the maze. Answer the question correctly and you find the next question. Answer it incorrectly and hit dead ends, paths that loop back to the question, etc.

It was so much fun! It took us about an hour to walk through the maze.

We have been taking an annual pilgrimage to corn mazes for a few years. My children know, because I'm sure I repeat myself ad nauseum before we enter, about respecting the corn. No pulling on the corn. No forcing your way through the corn to another part of the maze. That sort of thing. When my children encountered a young boy that was not respecting the corn they immediately told us. Then, they told the boy "You shouldn't pull the corn."

His parents were not really doing a good job of watching him. And - we caught him tugging on some of the signs that have the questions on them. Some of them were on the ground.

The father of the boy complained to his wife about us following them. Ummmmm - it's a corn maze. Not like there are that many ways to go if you answer the question correctly.

I truly believe my husband had to have been a tracker in a former life. He knew the correct paths to take to leave this family in the dust. Once we exited I let the staff know that signs were down in the maze that would need retaping. When they inquired further I simply stated there was a boy that wasn't being very respectful in the corn maze.

Children of the Corn

And - the scary thing - I frequently say "Children of the Corn" to my kids. Wait until they find out about the movie...


mysteryhistorymom said...

Beth- I want to go!!! What a fun adventure. I know your girls must have loved every minute.:) Lori

Amy said...

What great fun! The story of the little boy is exactly why I don't take my boys to these kinds of places!! They have some strange need to touch everything....

Sherry said...

Corn mazes are such a blast! The girls look like they had a great time!


jillytacy said...

The corn maze looks like fun! It's hard to watch other children out in public that aren't behaving. My daughter will always say "Mommy why is he doing ....?" My response is his mother may let him act like that but your mother doesn't.


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