Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids, Cookies, and Frosting

Really, could there be a better combination?

One of our holiday traditions here in the van Duzer household is to create a Halloween Gingerbread House. I usually buy a kit at one of the local grocery stores. This year they don't seem to be carrying the kit. I did see one at JoAnn Fabrics (of all places). So, today, I purchased one.

This evening I gave the girls the choice of going to a fundraiser at McDonald's (wear your costume and proceeds from all sales benefit our local preschool) or building their cookie house. The cookie house won hands down. (Now - I should let you know - my children do not like McDonald's food. The only thing they ever ingest from that quick service restaurant are their milk shakes. If the fundraiser had been at Wendy's or Kentucky Fried Chicken though I'm sure I'd be posting photos of them in their costumes.)

This is the first year I was actually able to build the house without them destroying it in some fashion.

Here they are decorating the...wait - why are you eating the frosting and candy? What about the house?

Using the frosting bag. I'm sure this is a great use of her fine motor skills.

Voila! One Halloween Gingerbread House.


mysteryhistorymom said...

They did a fantastic job! I would pick decorating Halloween houses with them over going to McDonald's any day! We make them at Christmas time, but they never get eaten... Now the candy and frosting are a different story.:) Lori

Shawnee said...

So glad you've joined the Holiday Hostess Flirty Apron Swap!

annamae said...

oh that turned out so darling! I've never seen those kits before, i'll have to keep an eye out next year. I love your daughter's stained mouth from the black frosting! :D

Beth said...

Hi Annamae. Yeah, I forced them both wash their mouths and hands repeatedly before the final photo. That black frosting was on mouths, teeth, skin - an avacado (don't ask). Beth

carrie said...

How fun is that!! My hubby's family does this a christmas and it is so much fun.

SuperMomdel said...

OK, I am running out right now to get one at JoAnne's to shamelessly copy you. I hope they still have some!

Amy said...

You are such an awesome mom!! Today we made chocolate cake and just licking the bowl became such an ordeal. I don't know what would have happened if candy and frosting had been involved! The house turned out so cute!

Tilly said...

Your girls are so cute! And...what paint color is that? It looks very much like my new living room color!

Katherine said...

So much fun! What a great activity for the wee ones. Hello from SCB Group mate :)


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