Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Dessert - and Project Runway Tonight!

I've mentioned this before & I'll mention it again - we don't have central air. We have two rooms with air conditioners - the kitchen is not one of them. I wanted to make cookies today. When the temperature inside my kitchen surpasses that of the outdoors - I abstain from cooking (which would be for the majority of July and August - good thing my husband likes grilling and my kids like cereal).

For dessert tonight we didn't have much ice cream left. So - we made our own chipwiches. I just used store bought cookies, sprinkles (or jimmies - depending on where you live) from the pantry and the rest of the ice cream. They were a hit.

Guess who had a good (and messy) day at camp today?
I even let her go to the library looking like that!
The children's librarian's son goes to the same camp.

And - in just a little over an hour season 5 of Project Runway will begin. They are already taking applications for season 6. Let's see - how about a housewife that makes crayon rolls & coasters - can I turn them into a dress and "Make it work"? Nah. I'll stick to watching the show.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the heat. I need to figure out what I can make to eat for the next two months. It's just too hot to cook indoors.

And yay for PR!

mysteryhistorymom said...

My husband hates it when I turn on the oven in the summer. Guess we will have to eat out a lot, huh? Works for me!:-) Lori

jillytacy said...

The chipwiches look yummy and your daughter looks like she's having a blast! I avoid cooking on hot days too. The grill is always a great summertime idea, then again so is ordering a pizza or going out for dinner when it's hot!

Michie said...

I just found you through Mysteryhistorymom - and noticed you live on the North Shore - we might be neighbors! Thought I'd say hello.

Looks like your little one had a good day!


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