Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Soft Serve On The Planet & Swap Answers

I love summer. I love friends that invite me up to their homes last minute (because I'm a spur of the moment kind-of gal). What I don't love is using the wrong level SPF on my kids and having my one daughter & myself looking red as lobsters. No, I don't love that. Poor thing. I've decided, as soon as I get back from our real vacation next week, that I'm buying SPF fabric and creating some clothes for us. Our pale white skin just burns and burns and burns. No fun.

Before the sunburn though we had a good time up in the Ossipee Lake Region of New Hampshire. We went out for ice cream. Yumm-o. What is better than an ice cream shop right on the highway? According to their signage - this shop has the best soft serve on the planet. I don't know if it was the best though - I had moose tracks & it was extremely yummy hard ice cream. Photographer for these photos - my six-year-old.

And - what did the Mallory & Jace receive in their swap? A lot of stuff! But, the photos in my other post were of a set of matching cards and a gathering apron. Will have to post those photos separately - am in the midst of doing much laundry, cleaning the house, contacting our house / dog / fish sitter, making a packing list and trying to find toys to 'sneak' into the car so the kids don't know they have fun new stuff waiting for them. Ah - to be a mom prepping for a vacation.

Edited to add: Okay - Sherry has posted way better pictures of the stuff I sent her kids than I took. Visit her blog to see the stash and the apron.


mysteryhistorymom said...

You are not alone when it comes to burns.:( They are the worst- especially for little ones. Have you tried Bullfrog? I took it when I went to Barbados and I didn't get a bit burned! I highly recommend it!

I am so excited about your shop opening! You are so creative, Beth, and I can't wait to see what you will be offering!

Have a fabulous vacation! I'm so glad that your girls had fun with their swap!:-) Lori

P.S. I am hosting a giveaway so stop by before you leave....:-)

tyketto said...

I went to CVS today and spent $40 on sunblock - but they didn't have BullFrog. I did get some Baby Lizard (they didn't have 'regular' Lizard) and some other stuff. Perhaps I'll visit another CVS and see if they have it. Thanks for the tip!

jillytacy said...

You sent a great package for the swap! I love the gathering apron, it's so cute! I've been wanting to make matching gathering aprons for my daughter and I. Sew many projects yet so little time!!


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