Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mini Golf Mania

I love mini-golf. Back when I was a working girl at a large pharmaceutical company in East Hanover, NJ there was a mini-golf place 'next door' (just a bit down the highway). Two of my co-workers and I had our lunch hour down to a science. The one with the car closest to the building had to drive to mini-golf, then there would be time to play one round of mini-golf before ordering / eating an order of fries each for lunch (okay - I was in my early 20's and fries for lunch were fine back then), then we'd drive back and resume our day a little happier than we had left it.

Up here in New England near the coast there are tons of mini-golf establishments. I told my husband my goal is to visit each and every one and to write a book - half of the book he could write as if it were a 'real' golf book (Captains Corner Mini-Golf located in Salibury, MA offers XXX yards of golf on premium fake grass) the other half would be for mom's and kids (clean bathrooms, great ice cream selection, lots of seating - for eating the ice cream, close to ocean, fake dinosaurs, etc.).

My six-year-old plays the game for about half the holes and then gets bored. My three-year-old, on the other hand, has played her version of this game since she was 18 months. She hits the ball with her club, chases after it, picks it up, and plops it into the hole. Hole in one every time!

The best part - they just added batting cages.

Oh - or - the other best part is that if you get a hole in one, as you leave, you tell the cashier which hole it was. Every day different holes are chosen at random and if your hole in one matches the 'hole of the day' you receive a gift certificate to the seafood restaurant next door.

Golf, batting cages, seafood - oh - and did I mention, directly across the street is an ice cream stand. The only thing that could make this better for me would be that it was located on the beach.

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mysteryhistorymom said...

I love mini golf, too! I have never played "real" golf as this is just the perfect game for me.:-) Lori


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