Friday, March 28, 2008

In like a lion, out like a - lion?

I thought the motto for March weather was In like a lion and out like a lamb. This year, it seems the March lion does not want to leave. Here in New England I woke up to snow. The yard looked very pretty before I allowed the dogs and kids out to play in the white stuff. The snow was too heavy to lift and make traditional snowmen once rolled into large snowballs so we did the next best thing and made snow animals.

We made a snow unicorn (really, it looks like a caterpillar but who am I to argue with a six-year-old)

and a turtle - or a horse depending on which child you ask. We also tried to use the boogie board to slide down the hill in the yard but the sticks and leaves kept getting in the way.

Oh well. Time to get everyone warmed up with some hot cocoa!

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