Friday, March 14, 2008

Future Scientists

For our older daughter's birthday my husband purchased a number of 'kits' at Michael's (the craft store) of all places.

These include:
  • grow your own sea monsters (totally cool - it worked - every playdate has to look at our sea monsters)
  • grow carnivorous plants (container needs to be placed in the fridge for EIGHT weeks - ummmm - it is in my garage - real estate in the fridge is at a premium)
  • grow your own crystals - experiment just started a few days ago - hoping for some spectacular crystals (and for my husband to stop imitating The Dark Crystal characters 'Skekie's bad').

The safety glasses, sported by the older of the two budding scientists, are from the crystal kit. Note - she has the magnifying glass by her tooth that is growing in.

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