Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Have you ever watched the Powerpuff Girls? The Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium. He mixed up the perfect little girl potion (sugar & spice & everything nice!). Chemical X accidentally mixed into his potion as well creating - the Powerpuff Girls. My girls have seen this movie a few times and we own at least six Powerpuff Girls books. Recently, my six-year-old has decided that she needs to make Chemical X by mixing all the chemicals in the house together. I banned her from making Chemical X.

Every time I catch her mixing up a new batch of 'soap and water' (it's all she is allowed to use) it has turned into something new - a poison from the Barbie movie Mariposa (TM), a sleeping potion, anything but Chemical X. I have apparently only banned the making of Chemical X in the house. I don't want to squash her creativity but I don't want her accidentally poisoning herself or her sister by mixing something up that she shouldn't or, even if it is only soap and water, having her or her sister drink it and making themselves sick from the soap. If only it was nice outside and I could supervise water play out-of-doors instead of all over my kitchen, living room and bathroom.

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