Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hard Knock Life

A while ago I went shopping at Marshall's and found a pair of pants for $2 or $3 - can't remember which price it was. My daughter despises pants. For her first two years of preschool she wore pants exactly four days. I purchased the pants knowing I would change it into a skirt for her. I cut the pants and sewed it into a skirt yesterday morning. She loved it and wore it to our outing of the day - Annie, the musical.

And, FYI, if you do choose to attend the touring production of Annie it is about three hours long - my kids were whining that their stomachs were hungry and didn't want to stay for the second act. We bribed them with M&M's and Junior Mints to finish the show. Next time I'll have to remember to pack a larger purse with food in case the theater runs out of pretzels (like the one we were at today did). Overall they had a great time and even my husband was singing about the Hard Luck Life (his version) on our ride home.

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