Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Vacation Week

For once we had fantastic weather for school vacation week. We went to the beach, where the water temperature, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, was barely tolerable. Daughter #2 was smart enough to play only on the beach. Daughter #1 was in such denial and we wound up leaving the beach earlier than anticipated due to extremely cold legs. But, while there, she found a huge mussel shell. We also visited a local zoo with friends and played outside every day. It should have been no surprise though to find that they were both a bit loopy on Sunday night.

The girls dressed the dog up so she could play with them. They also painted - with black paint. My older one actually painted on paper.

The younger one...well...she perfectly centered her hand and feet prints on our white tile floor in our foyer. My husband cleaned up all evidence of her painting - except for one handprint on the wall. Overall, since they were outside for the majority of the week, I'd say the house, and dog, got off easy with only one day / night of intense abuse.

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