Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yoga Bag

Children are natural born yogis. If you watch a newborn stretch and then, as the child learns to roll-over and move, their natural movements are yoga poses. When I was pregnant I took a pre-natal yoga class and it was the best thing I ever did. We have two kids yoga dvd's from gaiam and both girls like doing yoga. A flyer came home from school that showed an after-school yoga class was going to be offered. I immediately forgot about the form until the day before it was due. Thankfully there was room left. Daughter #1 is officially starting her own yoga class today. I am hoping she will learn some coping skills. She is a perfectionist. She doesn't like to make mistakes and will crumple up paper and throw it across the room if she does not do something to her liking. Anything that can help her take a breath (literally with yoga) and perhaps think before she crumples up paper would be a great help. Being the good mother that I am we already owned a yoga mat - all she needed was a bag.

I remembered Amy Butler had one I thought perhaps in one of her books. I clicked over to her website and lo and behold - it was being offered as a free pattern. I downloaded the pdf file, printed it up and in half a day I had made a bag. The pattern was easy to follow. The only negative thing I have to say is that I used a medium weight fabric and one of the last steps - sewing the strap of the bag down - was impossible to do. The material did not fit under the foot of my machine. Instead, I sewed under that area, did my top edging on the inside and applied some stitch witchery on the inside of the bag where the material was oh so thick just to try to secure it a little better.

Other than that the bag was a huge hit and my younger daughter now wants me to make her a bag for her Bella Dancerella dance mat.

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