Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making a tee pee

My daughter was in a funk when she came home from school today. Thankfully her little sister and I had been out during the morning collecting large sticks to make our very own tee pee. The prospect of building a tee pee piqued her interest immediately. One of her friends has one in her yard is what she told me. I've been wanting to make one for a while and even thought about buying a pattern (that also told me I need to spend $50 on supplies).

My thought process - it would be outdoors; there was no way I was ever going to make it to a hardware store to buy PVC pipes and - really - isn't part of the joy of a tee pee making it out of the things we have right in our own backyard?

The tee pee is not very sturdy but both girls fit inside and they even ate their lunch inside it. My older one wants to know if she can live in it. I told her we'll have to make a larger one before she can sleep outside in it.

Sticks - found in the woods around our house
Sheet - was free from freecycle
Happy Kids that think their mommy can build - priceless

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