Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fabric & Pattern Testing

I've been testing a pattern (see below post) for Wondermommy. Actually - it's an amazingly versatile pattern. But, all my little one wanted me to make from it was a skirt.

It had to be pink with flowers on it according to my daughter.

I only had one fabric that remotely fit that description. It was pink with small white flowers and blue birds scattered on it. A very cute fabric. So, I made the skirt and showed her the final result. Her response was less than spectacular. She told me she hated it. She told me to take the birds off of the skirt. She didn't want birds.

OKAY...Her older sister was so much more gracious and asked if she could wear it instead. That she liked the fabric. Kids!

We went to a fabric store and this is the fabric she picked out.

You can't really tell in the photo but there are purple dots - of pollen (?) on the flowers. I'm hoping the reaction to a skirt made out of this fabric is a tad more enthusiastic.


carrie said...

Aren't girls fun! Ha!

Goosegirl said...

Hi Beth,
I liked the skirt with the little birds and the little birdy button. Ahnalin's skants have owls on then, which she picked out. I can't wait to see the skirt with the new fabrics. It definitely looks like something my little one would pick out as well.


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