Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flannel Shirt Teddy Bear

I picked up a flannel shirt awhile back at my local Salvation Army thinking it would become - something...Yeah, vague. But I like flannel. And I live in New England. I think flannel is a required fabric in this part of the world.

I recently received an e-mail from one of my homeschool e-mail lists that said they were looking for someone to make bears for a local hospital. After reading about the need I decided that becoming a teddy bear would be a better use of the shirt. I'd love to volunteer to sew these but I needed to know (1) if I could and (2) if my oldest, whom I am homeschooling, would be willing / able to help.

I searched the web for a free pattern but came up empty handed (hey - I know that I might not be good at this so why pay for a pattern I might only use once). But, my trusty library came through with a few books on the subject of sewing teddy bears. I consulted them, drafted a pattern and voila! An 'instant' teddy bear!

I think I need to work on attaching the ears better. I'd like to do it differently next time. And, I haven't bothered embroidering a nose / mouth yet. I might but the fabric nose is 'pointy' and I don't think would embroider nicely. Plus, I kinda like the no mouth look. Oh - and his arms. They are great for hugging but - um - I don't know. They stay up. I think I sewed them on wrong. Hmmmm - must see if the kids mind. If not then I guess it's okay, right? Should I stop pointing out his imperfections now?

On the positive side - he'll be a great prop to use when teaching about Teddy Roosevelt!

For those that celebrate - have a Hoppy Easter! I'm off to help the Easter Bunny hide eggs...


Sherry said...

I love your Teddy Bear!! He's so cute and I'm a flannel girl. Growing up in Kansas with the frigid cold winds and then here in New York with so much snow.....well, how can you live without flannel?!?!?

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

SuperMomdel said...

He's adorable, Beth! I wouldn't change a thing. A child could really love him!


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